Morning After Pill or Morning Abortion Pill?

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved the use of "morning after pills" which may be taken up to 72 hours after sexual intercourse as a "safe" way to "avoid pregnancy." The FDA has also authorized such drugs to be labeled and sold in interstate commerce as "emergency contraception."

In fact, the FDA, which is supposed to protect consumers from drug fraud, has authorized such fraud by granting its permission to label drugs such as Preven, Planned Parenthood's Plan B, etc., as contraceptives.

These drugs achieve their primary anti-fertility effect by destroying a new and distinct human being -- with a unique genetic code different from the mother's and father's -- after the process of fertilization has taken place, but before the child has nestled into the mother's womb.

These actions of the FDA have, in fact, prevented consumers from learning they were pregnant -- and that they may have been an unwitting party to an abortion.

We recognize that proponents of emergency contraception, or morning after pills, claim their products prevent both pregnancy and abortions. However, in doing so they must first reject the definitive conclusions of the biological sciences regarding the beginning of human life which they learned in medical school. And secondly, they must employ ambiguous language which is crafted to avoid public controversies over abortion and the moral concerns of women taking these drugs.

We also believe that the widespread availability of morning after pills will also increase pressures on women for unwanted sexual intercourse, which will ultimately result in women being aborted without their knowledge or consent.

For these and other reasons, we urge women to inform themselves of the real medical and moral facts regarding the so-called "morning after pills."

Manuel Belandres, MD, Stafford, VA
Larry Lyons, MD, Birmingham, AL
Thomas L. Bodensteiner, MD, Beatrice, NE
Alden Kielhorn, MD, Kearney, NE
James E. Bruckmaster, MD, Henderson, KY
Douglas S. Brew, MD, St. Cloud, MN
John R. Thompson III, MD, Albion, NY
Hanna Klaus, MD, Bethesda, MD
James D. Long, MD, Camp Hill, PA
Anne Marie Manning, MD, Camp Hill, PA
Chris Kahlenborn, MD, Altoona, PA
Robert Desmond, MD, Bowling Green, OH
Paul A. Byrne, MD, Sylvania, OH
Michael K. Houser, MD, St. Charles, MO
Robert Jaminet, D.O., Morehead, KY
Michael Molitor, MD, Dearing, GA
John H. Detar, MD, Reno, NV
Peter Danis, MD, St. Louis, MO
Felino V. Barnes, MD, No. Royalton, OH
Albert S. Callie, MD, Tucson, AZ
Peter J. Connaughton, MD, Petoskey, MI
Brian W. Donnelly, MD, Pittsburgh, PA
Thomas E. Meads, MD, Culpeper, VA
Charles P. Prezzia, MD, Pittsburgh, PA
Thomas E. Lieser, MD, Oregon, OH
Patrick J. Scarpitti, MD, Newark, OH
David E. Born, MD, Newark, OH
William F. Colliton MD, Bethesda, MD
Theodore F. O'Donnell, MD, East Wenatchee, WA
Nicholas P. Murphy, MD, Belleair, FL
Robert J. Saxer, MD, Ft. Walton Bch, FL
Anthony M. Kam, MD, Sheridan, MI
Laurel De Stefano, MD, Carmel, IN
W. A. Krotoski, MD, Baton Rouge, LA
Paddy Jim Baggot, MD, Carson, CA
Michael Rock, MD, Mesa, AZ
Michael Kennedy, MD, Lafayette, LA
Paul R. Bruch, MD, Southbury, CT
James A. Scheidler, MD, Indianapolis, IN
Judith L. Jacobus, MD, Altoona, PA
Stephen A. Spaulding, MD, Montour Falls, NY
Kim Hardey, MD, Lafayette, LA
Glen C. Griffin, MD, Mapleton, UT
John J. Brennan, MD, Milwaukee, WI
John T. Bruchalski, MD, Fairfax, VA
Karen D. Poehailos, MD, Charlottesville, VA
Richard R. Romanowski, MD, Williamsville, NY
Edmund F. Ziegler, MD, New Britain, CT
Michael G. Skoch, MD, Hastings, NE
David Hargroder, MD, Joplin, MO
Roger Anderberg, MD, Ann Arbor, MI
Curtis Harris, MD, Oklahoma City, OK
Eugene F. Diamond, MD, Chicago, IL
William L. Toffler, MD, Portland, OR
Lorna Cvetkovich, MD, Lincoln, NE,
William Burke, MD, St. Louis, MO
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John Hartman, MD, Kissimmee, FL
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Michael R. Aiello, MD, Lake Placid, NY
John A. Joyce, MD, Troy, MI
Leslie A. Chorun, MD, Kansas City, KS
James L. Fletcher, Jr., MD, Savannah, GA
George E. Jay, MD, Morris, MN
Kathryn R. Watson, MD, Glendale, CA
Patrick Pullicino, MD, Snyder, NY
Mark Povich, D.O., Escanaba, MI
Faith D. Daggs, MD, Washington, DC
Mark J. Rollo, MD, Fitchburg, MA
Angelique C. Pritchett, MD, Oklahoma City, OK
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Jerrold Black, MD, Nebraska, NE
Rober A. Harden, MD, Austin, TX
Charles G. Kelley, MD, Andover, MA
J. C. Willke, MD, Cincinnati, OH
Leonard Rybak, MD, Springfield, IL
William Chavey, MD, Ypsilanti, MI
John Damiani, D.O., Trenton, MI
Charles R. Hermes, MD, Bloomfield Hills, MI
Samuel D. Ravenel, MD, High Point, NC
Stanley M. Johnson, MD, White Bear Lake, MN
Kathleen M. Raviele, MD, Tucker, GA
George Isajiw, MD, Upper Darby, PA
William C. McCarthy, MD, Woodbridge, VA
Mathew Lenz, MD, Houston, TX
Araceli V. Lardizabal, MD, Atascadero, CA
Michael Gilmore, MD, CA
John T. Littell, MD, Kissimmee, FL
Kathleen Dixon, MD, MO
Michael A. Krafczyk, MD, NY
Ludwik Kozlowski, MD, AR
Roy Stringfellow, MD, CO
Kenneth E. Simcic, MD, TX
Charles G. Kelley, MD, MA
Jim Statt, MD, AZ
Updated 02/27/2000

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